Trait num_traits::Num [] [src]

pub trait Num: PartialEq + Zero + One + NumOps {
    type FromStrRadixErr;
    fn from_str_radix(
        str: &str,
        radix: u32
    ) -> Result<Self, Self::FromStrRadixErr>; }

The base trait for numeric types, covering 0 and 1 values, comparisons, basic numeric operations, and string conversion.

Associated Types

Required Methods

Convert from a string and radix <= 36.


use num_traits::Num;

let result = <i32 as Num>::from_str_radix("27", 10);
assert_eq!(result, Ok(27));

let result = <i32 as Num>::from_str_radix("foo", 10);

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Num for usize

impl Num for u8

impl Num for u16

impl Num for u32

impl Num for u64

impl Num for isize

impl Num for i8

impl Num for i16

impl Num for i32

impl Num for i64

impl<T: Num> Num for Wrapping<T> where
    Wrapping<T>: Add<Output = Wrapping<T>> + Sub<Output = Wrapping<T>> + Mul<Output = Wrapping<T>> + Div<Output = Wrapping<T>> + Rem<Output = Wrapping<T>>, 


impl Num for f32

impl Num for f64